There are many ways to decorate the interior, giving it desired stylistic coloring and certain notes. One of these ways is to buy a luxury interior door, that will fit the design and will comply with the chosen style.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to order the door to the famous designer, so there are other ways of decorating the door, for example, decorative overlays. They can completely change the look of the door, making it more refine and spectacular. You can use ready panels, finished with a pattern or ornament, for the entire door or its separate parts. They can be ready or custom. Decorative overlays made from MDF with carving or relief can be very nice. And using a special film, you can create an imitation of wood oak, beech or walnut. Sometimes decorative overlays are painted in different color shades for the originality and brightness of the interior.

There are overlays made of solid wood, which are much more expensive, but their quality is incomparably higher. Usually they are bought by those who already have wooden door, and who need just to ennoble them a little, to cover the damaged areas and to mask cracks and scratches. Using overlays made of the other kind of wood, you can completely transform the door and change the style of the room. And the others will think that the door has been changed to another.

Very popular among designers are moldings and overlays of polyurethane foam a very light material, which does not increase the load on the door and the door frame and has excellent flexibility. Using this material you can create true masterpieces of design and save money, because they are very affordable. Molding is used not only for decorating doors, but also for decorating mirrors, murals and paintings, it looks very festive, elegant and luxurious.

Another advantage of polyurethane moldings is ease of installation, so you can decorate the room, without the help of professionals. It is important that the polyurethane moldings are more flexible than plaster, because it does not turn yellow and crumble with time. In addition, it is easy to clean, does not absorb moisture and is easy to be painted in different colors, allowing you to vary the interior and give it a note of antiquity.

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