Stylish furniture is not only a functional part of the door, which improves its performance properties, but also a decorative element that gives aesthetics to a door leaf. Moreover, it provides door strength and durability, protecting it from external influences and facilitating its use.

Furniture includes door hinges, locks, handles, eyes, closers, bolts, latches, profiles and frames. Beautiful furniture serves as an addition to interior, giving it individuality and glamor. For this reason furniture is made of different materials and has unusual shapes, colors and styles - from classic to hi-tech. The most common materials are brass and steel, because they are durable, do not rust and look appealing even after years of use. Craftsmen often make customary furniture, especially for retro style interior. Experienced craftsmen made handles and locks using ancient models. Such furniture is obviously not cheap, but it looks like a work of art.

Designs of locks, handles and other accessories are so special that sometimes it is very difficult to make choice. Locks are divided into mortise and laid on. And defense mechanisms are divided into lever locks (butterfly-shaped key), cylinder locks and code locks. For interior doors the locks are as follows: latch locks, pawl locks and magnet locks. Other pieces of furniture are also available in different models, for example, closers are top, bottom and frame-type and door frames can be round or rectangular, wooden or metal. The choice of particular type of furniture depends on the characteristics of room, cost and interior design.

Modern manufacturers are keeping pace with time and developing very unusual furniture. For example, there are door handles with built-in UV lamps, that kills which kills microbes, so you can not worry about keeping microbes or viruses on door handles. Furniture made of acrylic glass is very popular, because this material looks very elegant, easy to clean and is known for its durability.

Exclusive furniture easily transforms the very modest interior, giving it the notes of luxury, so designers often use it to decorate. Practicality and aesthetics should complement each other!

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