A couple of centuries ago it was hard to imagine that such a variety of interior doors will appear in the market. Now designers have more opportunities to express themselves and make interior stylish, elegant and bright. Modern variety of doors satisfies the desires and tastes of everyone.

By type of mechanism interior doors are divided into four categories. Wing doors - a classic model, the most familiar to modern people, while there are loops, by means of which the door can be opened in both directions. Such doors are convenient in that they are very strong, reliable and durable, but require a lot of space for opening. Sliding doors, practical and compact, operate on the basis of cluster systems, and folding doors (so called "harmonicas" and "books") are arranged on the track with a runner. They save space and are indispensable in rooms with small area. The disadvantages of such structures are a low degree of thermal and acoustic insulation and a possibility of failure.

One of the latest innovations in this market are doors that are rotated around their axis by a rotary operating mechanism. Rotatory doors are less reliable, and most importantly - they allow you to organize the space of the premises and provide more opportunities for design. Hinged doors are very beautiful, but their main drawback is complexity of installation, because in order to fix door more firmly you will have to align the walls and opening.

Dutch stable doors, consisting of two independent valves, are very unusual. The upper and lower parts are independent and have separate door hinges and locks. Such designs are useful if you have small children in your house. Swaying doors are popular in public areas, and their main feature is the ease of opening in both directions, so these structures are called pendulums. If you decorate them with inserts made of glass, engraving, stained glass or blast patterns, they will change the design of the room by giving it the notes of nobility and refinement.

Modern designers are also developing exotic doors, such as fan-looking doors or doors with unusually shaped holes. Some doors turn into stairs, the others are used as hangers or message boards. If the interior is decorated in the style of hi-tech, automatic doors can be used. The most important thing is that door designs should be functional and comfortable for those who live in the house!

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