Some time ago wood was the most accessible material, but now it belongs to the expensive materials, so the doors made of wood are considered elite accessories. Wood uniqueness is that its picture, color and texture are always different, so you cannot make two identical doors. Not so long ago wood surfaces were covered by paint or varnish, but now it is preferable to emphasize the nature of the material.

Ecological style, country and Provence conquered the modern market, and many manufacturers produce doors that seem to be created from untreated wood. Such doors are often more expensive than models, covered with all kinds of decorative materials. However, you can find more budget options from pine, spruce and birch in the stores. Wooden doors are pleasant to the touch, look beautiful and serve long. Wood creates a wonderful energy in the room, it "breathes" and enriches the air with oxygen. This safe and environmentally friendly material is associated with comfort and warmth of home, so the wooden doors are an indispensable element in the housing design.

The best doors are made of hardwood - oak, Canadian maple, ash, beech, walnut and apple trees. This wood is durable, resistant to rot and mechanical damage, it does not crack during drying, it looks nice and retains its properties for years. Minimum service life for such doors is 50 years, so you will not have to change them during the repair. So it is very beneficial and practical, even if the doors are not cheap. The point is that you buy them for decades, and such investments always pay off.

In addition, the sturdy wooden doors look stylish, presentable and noble. They fit into any style of interior and give it a special flavor. Wooden interior objects are also special, because they are unique and inimitable. Today doors made of valuable wood, decorated with carvings, forging, glass inserts or stylish accessories are considered practically antiques. Doors can have rectangular, oval, arched or irregular shape, can be double or single. You can embody any designer ideas in door design. This material has limitless creative possibilities and elegant look, that's why the doors made of wood will always be popular for designers and architects around the world.

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