Doors history began in ancient times when primitive people were forced to defend their homes from invasion of wild beasts. Our ancestors filled up the entrance to the cave with large rocks, a real door appeared only in the III millennium. BC in ancient Egypt. The first doors were made of German maple, which for two thousand years has been the most popular building material in the world.

The main qualities of the first doors were practicality and durability. Later people started to pay attention to decorative functions as well. People started to use different types of wood to make doors — walnut, oak, ash, teak, rosewood and pear. In the Middle Ages in the heyday of church architecture new forms of doors appeared, and the decor has become more refined and aristocratic. In addition, mahogany, which was brought from America, came info fashion. By the way, the oldest door in Europe is considered to be the door to the Ambrosian Basilica - in a Catholic church in Milan, where the first Christian martyrs were buried. That is why the Italian masters were considered the best cabinetmakers in the world. They created real masterpieces, that served a worthy ornament of architectural structures.

Baroque has come in place of gothic style, then rococo, art nouveau and art deco, with their ethnic motifs, ornaments bizarre, daring forms, luxury and style came into fashion. The beginning of XX century can be considered the heyday of interior art, in which the production of doors is not at the last place. The First World War diverted attention from the beauty and aesthetics, and the postwar door, descended from the factory assembly line, looked bored and lost identity, since the amount has become more important than quality. However, many private shops continued to work as before, preserving the ancient traditions of wood processing, and when they had eliminated consequences of the war in the interior design, they have established the so-called Italian style. Refinement, grace and elegance are the three main distinguishing features of Italian doors, due to which they have gained worldwide recognition.

Italy is now booming in the production of furniture, doors and designer accessories. Italian products has long been synonymous with good taste and excellent quality. Doors from the Italian masters bring us back to the Renaissance, when the whole world lived by the laws of beauty. And I want to believe that the history of Italian door has just begun...

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